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Pet Blessings!

Every Day is a Day to Celebrate Your
Fur, Fin and Feather Family via Zoom
at our St. Francis Chapel!

Giving Thanks for our companion animals.

Faithful, loving friends, bed hogs, protectors, and an important part of our everyday life, our companion animals truly give so much to us.  In this meaningful ceremony, we offer them to Creator for a blessing in thanksgiving for all they bring to our lives.

Rev Deb has blessed every kind of companion - and farm- animal for decades in all manner of locations.  Here at our chapel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we have created "St. Francis Sanctuary," a special place to gather as you visit virtually from your home.

In this 20-minute session, beloved companions receive a prayer and blessing for their good health and wellbeing.  A prayer for your entire household is also offered, ending with a benediction.

We know how very special comfort stuffie companions can be for children and we are delighted to offer blessings to them as well.

Following the ceremony, a certificate and special momento will be sent to you via mail.  If you have more than one companion to have blessed, they will each receive a certificate and a momento.

Book Your Blessing

We are located in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, which is Eastern Standard Time.  Cyber blessings can take place anywhere in the world -  it is just a matter of being mindful of our appointment hours and your particular time zone.

Rev Deb is available through the week from 11 a.m. EST until 6 p.m. EST Monday through Saturday.  Sunday afternoon sessions can be arranged.  At the time of the booking, we will ask the names and kind of animal being blessed, their age, and any special need for prayer.  You can bless more than one companion per session, there will be an additional charge of $3 per animal to cover shipping.


There is a small fee of $35 CDN per session.  This includes the shipping and handling of the certificate and keepsake, the time involved in preparing for the ceremony and ceremony itself.  E-transfers of $35 can be sent to, adding in $3 per companion being blessed, or you can book through Paypal below.

Companion Animal Blessing Session

3 Companions

2 Companions

4 Companions

Cyber Blessings FAQ

Can a priest bless by distance? Yes! When a blessing is offered realtime, those participating via television or online are blessed just as the people in the church or Vatican square are blessed.

Can a priest bless an animal? Yes! St. Francis, the patron of both animals and those who love them, not only blessed but preached to them. He knew, as we do, that God loves the animals he created.

Why bless a stuffed animal like a teddy bear?
Normally, we think of blessing devotional items like rosaries or cross pendants. We do bless other objects, though. Houses, cars, holy books, buildings, candles – these and many other objects are blessed routinely.

Teddy bears and other cherished comfort animals are important to children. We know that what is important to us, is important to the Creator who loves us more than we can imagine.

In the Bible, Jesus speaks lovingly of children and welcomed them to his side. We cannot imagine Him refusing to lay his hand on any items trustingly presented for his blessing, so neither will we refuse to bless a treasured bear or stuffed toy that comforts a child in the quiet of a darkened bedroom.

Why is there a charge for blessing?
There is no charge for the blessing. There is a charge for my time in creating and celebrating the blessing, and also the Zoom account fee, and printing and mailing of a certificate along with an angel memento.

To receive your blessing, send an email to with the name of the companions that you wish to be blessed. Upon receipt of your email, a solemn prayer of blessing will be said in our chapel as requested.