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Celebrating Love in this Time of Pandemic

In just a few short months, Covid-19 has changed the world.  

Around the globe, people are encouraged to stay safe at home and, when out, to maintain a distance of six feet (two metres).  Gatherings are severely restricted in many places and even greeting a clerk in a store is now a matter of observing cautions.

For engaged couples, the wedding they planned is not possible at this time.  Venues are closed, travel is discouraged, and most of the desired guests cannot attend.  The special date chosen with such care must either be postponed for a year or abandoned in favor of another date when it is safe to gather once more.

This Too Will Pass...

For more than 30 years, "Rev Deb" has been marrying couples across Toronto, Niagara, and even out of country.  She is available to assist you now by providing a beautiful and powerful virtual ceremonies for those who wish to mark the date they had chosen for their wedding. 

The pandemic will not last forever.  There will be the opportunity for couples to get married in the presence of all their loved ones and to enjoy a wonderful reception afterward. 

A Solution for the Interim....  Honour Your Date while the New One You Await!

But for couples who think sadly of the date they had chosen for their wedding, that second-choice wedding date for some time in the future does little to ease their disappointment. Rev. Deb, having seen the sadness of couples faced with the problem, has an alternative that will honor your love on the date you choose. 

It is not a wedding ceremony; online weddings are not legal weddings.  The Celebrate the Date ceremony effectively creates a new anniversary for couples: the date their love triumphed over a worldwide pandemic.  A certificate will be mailed to the couple as a testimony to the power of love to rise above adversity. 

Celebrate with a Ceremony that Honours Your Loving Commitment

Simply Celebrate the Date

From a beautiful chapel setting in her home in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Deborah conducts a variety of uplifting celebrations for life milestones through Zoom, an easy to use platform available on all devices.  The Celebrate the Date ceremony is flexible and can allow for a speaker and a special added ceremony to place the date in the context of your love story.  

Contact Rev. Deb to arrange for your ceremony.  The ceremony can be recorded for a small fee and sent to you afterward.  It will take about half an hour, depending on whether you wish to add a reading or ceremony element. 

Since the Celebrate the Date ceremony is not a wedding, it is non-religious.  However, for those who would like to add a prayer in their faith tradition, Rev. Deb is happy to oblige.  As a former Anglican Priest, now Presiding Bishop of the Community Catholic Church of Canada, she can include a more Catholic or Anglican approach to the service for those who wish it.

While gathering on a virtual platform is not the same as being together in one space, it does offer an opportunity for family and friends to gather and honor your loving relationship in this time of separation and social distancing.

Your ceremony includes a commemorative certificate.

A short and sweet ceremony with  just 6 family and friends invited through a secure link.  


Personalized Celebrate the Date 

Add in your own touches to express your loving commitment.  Invite up to 25 guests to help you commemorate that special date.


Receive a recording of the ceremony

An extra $25.

Deborah is available through the week and on weekends to assist you.  Call her at 905-468-9502 to discuss the ways in which she can help you and your loved one make your no-longer-wedding date a special day you'll treasure.