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HO- HO- HO Holiday Special! 
Renew Your Vows at our "Mistletoe and Snow" Cyber Chapel!

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Appointments are available 7 days a week from noon till 8 p.m. EST 

A 30-minute block of time is allotted so that family and friends can gather on Zoom and chat after the ceremony.

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Just the Two of Us

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The Candy Cane Vow Renewal

Friends and Family Too

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It's the holidays!  Who needs some jingle bells, sparkly snowflakes, and joy?  

Introducing our "Mistletoe and Snow" Cyber Chapel, a fun and festive place where you can reaffirm your vows with Rev. Deb without leaving the warmth and comfort of your own home!

If you are up for a festive option, you can request the Custom Ceremony Option: our fun "Candy Cane" Vow renewal which includes elements of the season.

Choose from these great options:

1. Just You Two

Renew your vows at our fun and festive Cyber Chapel with a private online Zoom ceremony.  You can even dress as elfs, Santa or the Princesses from Frozen.  What happens in cyber space stays in Cyberspace.  

You can record the ceremony on your own computer, or have Rev Deb record and send to you for an additional price.  Commemorative Certificate included 


2. Invite Your Friends and Family

What a great way to gather family and friends together for a virtual gathering on Zoom!  They can all wear ugly sweaters.  We won't tell.  

You can record the ceremony on your own computer, or
have Rev Deb record and send to you for an additional price. Commemorative Certificate included.                                      $125

Add ins:

a) Exclusive custom Holiday ceremony       $25 

b) Rev Deb records and sends as an MP4:  $50

An Online Option for Your Vow Renewal, Celebrate the Wedding Date, and more...

In these challenging times, when all feels uncertain, a vow renewal or  a special ceremony  to celebrating that beloved Wedding Date, can express what is in your heart and say those important things as you move forward together.

You've heard it said that Love transcends all boundaries.  This is a truth that couples discover as they build a relationship.

Setting off on the journey as a couple, many never anticipate the challenges encountered along the way.    

Weathering the unexpected storms of life is challenging, but with that one person by your side, even the most difficult situation can be overcome.  


That is the power of love.  That is that is your strength together.


For decades, Rev. Deb has stood with couples as they married or renewed their vows with another. 

Every couple has a unique story, like the young couple who arrived with two friends and rings, so anxious to start their life together they didn't even tell their parents.  And, stories like the celebration of a sixty-year marriage during which the husband emotionally expressed that he wanted sixty more years with his wife or the younger couple who found their way back to each other after a time of emotional wilderness. 

Deb has witnessed so many connections, the deep love that is acknowledged and expressed. 

We find ourselves living in interesting times.  In a blink, the world has changed.  Weddings have, of necessity, been rescheduled.  Those who have been married for awhile realize again the power and stability of that loving connection with our soul mate.    

A Time to Affirm What You Feel
We find ourselves living in interesting times.  In a blink, the world has changed.  Suddenly, we are aware of our support system and the appreciation of that loving connection with our soul mate as never before.  Renewing your vows online can offer an avenue to express your love and commitment in these uncertain times.

Virtual Vow Renewals are here!

Here at Sweetheart Chapel in Niagara, we offer onsite vow renewals, elopements,  weddings, baby namings and baptisms.  In the new world of technology, we have done many commitment ceremonies commitment virtually.  Now we offer online ceremonies as a way for all couples to express their love without leaving home.


We invite you to meet with Rev. Deb online here at the chapel and affirm your commitment to each other - no matter where you are in the world.


A Celebrate the Date ceremony or Renewal of Vows in the comfort of your own space makes sense in these tense and restrictive times.
1.  Skip the travel.
2.  Forget hotel costs and expensive meals and room service.

3.  Celebrate with your friends right where you are.


A renewal of vows is an affirmation of the promises you made when you were married, not a legally binding wedding.  You are already legally married.  Following your renewal ceremony, Rev Deb will send you a certificate commemorating your reaffirmation of your wedding vows.  For a limited time, a video of the ceremony will be sent to you at no charge.


Sound like fun? 

Affirming Love
for all

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